This website provides you with guidance on involving representatives from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in research. It contains guidelines from the EU research project CONSIDER. See below for links to the specific guidelines, or you may be interested in more general reasons to involve civil society in research.  

What should I do to improve the involvement of civil society in research? 

In order to achieve more direct relevance these guidelines have been divided according to five key stakeholder groups: 

 Civil Society




Also see our note on distinguishing between these different stakeholder groups.

Further information

In addition to the guidelines themselves we have prepared a series of supporting summaries.  

These texts are designed to provide further context and insights from the CONSIDER project.

Where do these guidelines come from? 

This section provides further background into the CONSIDER project and its methodology, which were the basis of the identification of the above guidelines.

How has civil society been involved in the CONSIDER project?

An overview of the ways in which the perspectives of CSO representatives were integrated into the project, through both formal and informal channels.

Typology of CSO involvement

As a result of our in-depth case studies we have been able to identify six main types of CSO involvement in research projects. Find out more at the above link.

What is the current state of CSO involvement in EU-funded research?

A summary of the results from our survey of 14,000 EU-funded research projects.

Why include CSOs in research?

An outline of the main arguments for involving CSOs in research, based on the findings from our empirical evidence.

What are the potential risks and challenges of CSO participation?

We also identified a series of issues relating to CSO involvement in research projects - making efforts to overcome such barriers is more likely to result in a successful collaboration.

How can the guidelines feed into the European Research Area (ERA)?

This section explicitly maps the CONSIDER findings onto the ERA's strategic priorities.

You may also be interested in our Glossary or relevant Links and resources.

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