WP3 Model of CSO participation

The main objective of work package 3 is to develop a model of CSO participation in research. In doing so, it builds on the scientific results on approaches to participation in research (WP1) and empirical research on instances of CSO participation in research projects (WP2). The results of work package 3 are an important input for the formulation of the guidelines (WP4).

At an early stage of WP3, CONSIDER has therefore the difficult task of synthesising the empirical and analytical considerations of earlier work packages . Creating a model of CSO involvement necessarily requires the results of the investigation on the normativity of participation and the results of the empirical observation. Both sides influence each other reflectively in WP3. Coming from the empirical observations and findings, shortcomings of present governance theories can be demonstrated. On the other hand the theoretical frame provides methods for the search of implicit norms in participatory practice. It also delivers categories to classify these practices. This reciprocal approach will in the end illustrate for both the empirical and analytical perspectives.

Identifying the expected gaps in current governance theories is also a part of this strand of research, as the application of categories and parameters on the empirical findings. The assessment of empirical data has to show where further data is required for the construction of a complete model. The model should represent the various dimensions and different forms of participatory practices in its broad scope. Consultation and close communication with the Associates should ensure the acceptability of the normative conception and the critique of on‐going participatory governance. The CONSIDER discussion forum will be used to discuss potentially controversial issues related to this work. Selected CSOs will also be invited to review draft versions of project reports as part of an extended peer review process.