How can CSOs select research partners

Once you have identified the field/sector in which your research partner should be there are several ways to actually find it:

1. Be blunt!

An easy step is to take is to contact the closest universities and/or research centres. If these do not wish or cannot get involved in the research initiative, they will be able to guide you towards the relevant contacts and research networks elsewhere.

Explore possibilities among your organisation’s contacts and do not underestimate your personal network.

2. Use all available online databases

The European Union offers several user-friendly databases – by using their research tools, you will be able to find partners in your specific research theme.

3. Make the most out of conferences and networking events

Conferences and networking events are good opportunities to meet various types of actors and establish first contact. Register to Newsletters and follow universities, research centres, public and private foundations and public authorities’ websites to find out about their coming events.

4. Look at what other CSOs do and with whom

Some CSOs are very successful at working with research partners, especially large-scale international NGOs. You will find relevant information on the partners they work with on their websites.